Apollo Outdoor Stadium Flood Light

The Apollo is designed for professional and collegiate-level outdoor stadiums flood light with the best-in-class performance for fans, players, and broadcast. The product has light weight and small size, however, the max lumen output can be more than 220000LM. It is designed for a 1:1 2000W traditional retrofit, perfect for replacing conventional technology while retaining the same electrical installation and poles.

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With a precise optical design to minimize glare. You can enhance cutoff by choosing different visors according to the venue size and achieve clarity that optimizes visibility and comfortable light to the players, and both the presence and online audiences. High standard and long-life light output can greatly reduce maintenance or replacement costs.


10KV surge protection device ensures the fixture stays illuminated throughout the life of the system. As the key part of the led system, LED will suffer light decay and even irreversible damage because of the high temperature during working. With the high thermal conductive aluminum alloy and efficient ventilation design, Apollo can perfectly solve this problem. High protection class IP66, IK10, and the 1000H salt spray resistance level allow the luminaries to be used not only in indoor gymnasiums but also in outdoor coastal open-air sports venues.


Apollo is easy to install and wire. You simply fix the mounting bracket of the lamp with two screws and open the electrical connection box on the sidearm of the mounting bracket for wiring. The separate design of the driving power supply and the heat-sink makes the luminaries safer and more reliable.

The power supply can be installed in the lamp pole or pre-fixed onto the mounting bracket of the floodlight according to the on-site installation environment. The aiming device's quick-plug and single-screw swivel fixing design provide pinpoint accurate vertical tilt aiming and speed during installation, allowing you to put the light exactly where you want it. It also can be installed upright or hung down according to the installation environment on site.


The DMX drivers enable luminaires to be connected to intelligent lighting management systems, enabling remote lighting management and dynamic light shows, and meeting the highest performance standards to achieve the linkage of luminaries and dynamic lighting control systems.DMX-RDM programmable driver to enable programming and integration with entertainment lighting fixtures. Whether you are at the sports field or in front of the screen, Apollo can show you the scene of the game in perfect real shock.

Huadian offers luminaires designed specifically for sports lighting. Our luminaires are durable, long-lasting, and weather resistant, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you are lighting a football stadium or looking for efficient lighting for a parks-and-recreational facility, you’ll find it with Huadian APPOLLO