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Greece | 12 November 2018

Stadium Flood Light SP06

Greece | 12 November 2018

Stadium Flood Light SP06

  • product: SP06
  • time: 12 November 2018
  • area:Greece Status: DONE

What is football field lighting?

The football field is popular and everywhere in our life, so what do you call the lights on a football filed? Firstly, let me guess, football filed lights, soccer filed lights, football stadium lights, stadium lights, football stadium lights, soccer field lights, soccer field lighting, soccer stadium lights? In fact, these football field lights are all floodlights. Why called them floodlights? What is the best floodlights used for football field? Please read on and find out, we break it down for you right here.

What type of lights are used in stadiums?

Most sports stadiums and indoor arenas use high intensity discharge (HID) lamps for almost all of their overhead lighting needs. On average, stadium lights have much higher wattage than other outdoor lighting applications such as billboards, roadways, and parking lots. While HID lamps are very efficient, they require significant time to warm up and achieve full brightness after being extinguished.

In 2013, the Super Bowl was delayed after a power disruption knocked off some lighting. It didn’t take long to get the lights back on, but it did take time for them to warm again up to full brightness. Why? Because the stadium was using HID lamps, which require a significant amount of time to warm up. The quick disruption of light leads to several minutes of delay in the game.

What are floodlights? Why called floodlights?

Floodlights are an artificial form of light with a broad beam, they are the most popular type of lights that are used for illuminating big areas especially for outdoors.

You probably have seen some sort of flood lights outdoors, for example, street lights in city are also type of flood lights. What makes flood lights so popular is the large amount of lighting they can produce, and floodlights aren’t just used to give players better visibility, but they are also beneficial to television broadcasts. which are perfect for illuminating large areas like stadiums.

1)Where flood lights are used Flood lights are mostly used outdoors like football field, football stadium, but you will also see flood lights being used in larger indoor places, like arenas. Flood lights come in all sorts of sizes, from few watts to thousand watts. Some of these areas the flood lights used are:
-Football field
-Sports fields
-Parking lots
-Indoor and outdoor arenas
-Mining site
-Airport/ Seaport
-Many other large areas

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