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France | 24 November 2022


France | 24 November 2022


  • product: APOLLO
  • time: 24 November 2022
  • area:France Status: DONE

Rugby Field Lighting

Rugby field lighting is an important part of rugby games, which is of great significance to a rugby game. No matter what level your club is in, grassroots or professional leagues, whether you want to provide lighting for training grounds, stadiums, or the entire stadium, every second of the action is important. Having the right sports lighting is essential to achieve the best performance important. If you don’t know much about rugby pitches lighting and want to know more, this guide is for you. It shares all the information needed to ensure that the rugby pitch is fully illuminated.

Rugby Field Lighting Standard

The Rugby League stipulates that rugby floodlights, especially LED sports lights, should be bright and uniform. The lighting should provide uniform lighting throughout the entire distance. It should also ensure that the complete flight of the ball is visible while providing good viewing conditions for players, officials, and spectators. Since recreational rugby and training are usually carried out after getting off work at night, effective lighting can maximize people’s chances of participating in the game.

There are different rugby pitch lighting levels and you can choose the best level that suits your pitch.

Training and recreation: 200LUX
Amateur competition: 300LUX
Professional competition: 500LUX
Domestic competition for Live TV: 1000LUX
International competition for Live TV: 1400LUX
International competition for HD TV: 2000LUX

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