by Huadian Lighting
Jun 12, 2020

How much do baseball field lights cost

Primary and Secondary Feeds $115,000.

Switchgear & Transformers $48,000.

Floodlights/Brackets/Standards $250,000

Scoreboards $40,000

Scoreboards $40,000

Scoreboards $40,000

Lighting Total $453,000.

For instance, if your stadium is for Major League Baseball tournament or Olympic Games, the requirement would be highest and thus the price would raise. In most of the case, the LED baseball field lights cost is around US$40000 to US$70000, as we need about 30000 to 60000 watt LED. If you are doing the metal halide, HPS, LPS or halogen replacement, you will find the price of LED light might be a little bit higher because LED is a brighter and more durable light source, which decreases the maintenance and running cost of LED baseball field lighting in long-term.

baseball field lighting.

baseball field lighting.

How much do baseball stadium lights cost to run?

Taking the US as an example, the average electricity cost is approx. $0.1 to $0.14 / kWh. For a stadium using 50000W LED lights, the baseball stadium lights’ running cost would be 50000 / 1000 * 0.1 = $5 per hour, which is equivalent to $30 daily (for 6 hours use per day), and $600 (for 20 days per month). If you are using metal halide lamps, you will eventually come up with 2 times the electricity cost to produce the same brightness, which means US$1200 per month!

What is the cost to install the baseball field lights?

It varies to a great extent. For a large-scale and complicated project, the installation cost of baseball field light can be up to 30 to 80% of the price of the lights, which is estimated to be $10000 to $25000. And thus, selecting the luminary that is durable is essential.

How about the maintenance cost of baseball field lights?

It is nearly $0 for LED lights. Since our baseball field lighting have 50000 hours life span and IP66 rating, they work for at least 20 years and under adverse weather condition. They also have good heat dissipation system to reduce the junction temperature of chips that protect the lights. Let’s contact us for support today.

In 2014, the Seattle Mariners and Safeco Field made history when they became the first MLB team to light up their home field with LED Lights.

The field is illuminated with 578 light fixtures that are 30% brighter than their old counterparts, but use 50% fewer watts. Just these lights save 784,000 kWh per season and more than $50,000 in energy costs. The organization is now able to save more than $1 million per year, just from reducing their energy and waste costs.

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