by Huadian Lighting
Jun 23, 2020

Spill Glare Solution For Light Pollution

For us, emitting light is just the first step. For others, it’s the only step. That’s the difference.

LED is simply the newest tool for addressing the same issues that have endured over decades—how to put more light on your field, spill less around it, and reduce energy consumption and operating costs. Our LED sports lighting solution achieves a level of precision never before possible.

From the Light Source to the Field.

We create controlled light, not floodlights. The patented, customizable optics of our sports lighting system can control the intense, “rifle shot” of LED light like no other lighting solution. We put a higher percentage of light precisely where you want it—on the field. And players can track the flight of the ball like never before.

Preserving the Night Sky

With HD led stadium lights we’re able to carve out the area to be lighted with pinpoint precision, dramatically cutting off any impact on the surrounding area. No more worrying about glare or spill impacting the area around your field. And it opens up new opportunities for where fields can be located within a community.

Better for Players & Neighbors.

We believe in preserving darkness as much as creating light. For you, this means affordable LED sports lighting capable of creating a brilliantly focused field for players and spectators, and a welcomed curtain of darkness for your neighbors—with less energy consumption and lower operating costs.